ABSL is a world leading developer of plants and technologies that convert waste and sustainable biomass into low carbon fuels established in March 2019 by commercial and technical experts in the advanced biofuel sector. . The state-of-the-art technology naturally captures carbon dioxide to generate the negative carbon emissions that are required to meet net zero commitments.

We own and operate the world’s first plant to convert household waste into bio-substitute natural gas (BioSNG). The facility, located in Swindon, UK, converts 8,000 tonnes of waste into 22GWh of gas each year.

ABSL believes that wastes should be converted to fuels such as biomethane, biohydrogen or sustainable aviation fuel to decarbonise heat and transport. Our solutions allow the carbon dioxide in waste to be captured so that it can be sequestrated. This creates negative carbon emissions essential for the world to meet its two-degree global warming target.