Flex Process is an engineering firm providing specialist services to the process and power industries. Over the years, we have used our expertise to serve clients’ operating plants in Chemicals, Nuclear, Refining, Pharmaceuticals, Power, and Offshore Storage and Production.

Since our founding in 2007, we have assembled a highly-skilled team of engineers, with hundreds of years of cumulative experience. This breadth of experience began at operating sites, which means we know what our clients need and expect, and how to tailor our service to meet those needs in an ever-changing industrial landscape.


Our vision is to be the first choice for solving complex process engineering challenges, by integrating real-world experience with advanced computer aided engineering tools. We believe this provides our clients with a unique resource that is able to understand their needs and the underlying engineering requirements, and can deliver complete projects, while engaging stakeholders at all levels.
We want to build on our track-record of quality engineering to provide our clients with the confidence that we will find the best solutions and produce the best designs, while maintaining our reputation for being flexible and easy to work with.

How We Work

We endeavour to build a partnership with our clients, based on trust, where the client remains in complete control. We build that trust by demonstrating the quality of our work, the attention we pay to our clients’ needs, and by operating in a transparent manner. We provide a flexible resource, reactive to our clients’ requirements, and always able to interface with or on behalf of our clients.