28 Jun, 2024

Staff Process Engineer

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico
Process Engineer Biochemicals / Pharmaceuticals

Job Description

At Johnson & Johnson, the world's largest healthcare company, we come together with one purpose: to transform the story of human health.  

Diversity and inclusion are essential to continuing to build on our history of pioneering and innovation, which has been impacting the health of more than one billion patients and consumers every day for more than 130 years. Regardless of your race, creed, sexual orientation, religion or any other trait, YOU are welcome in all open positions at the world's largest healthcare company.  

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In a rapidly changing environment, we connect science and technology to combine our own expertise in surgical, orthopedic and interventional solutions to design and deliver patient-centered products and services. 

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 Position General purpose Staff Process Engineer Works in most of the activities with instructions about the general results that are expected. Can receive technical orientation in the most unusual or complex problems; generates solutions in an independent manner. Works with problems of different reaches, in which the analysis of the data requires the evaluation of identifiable factors. Exercises his/her judgment in practices and policies generally defined, at selecting methods and techniques for obtaining results. Failures and errors in the decisions he/she takes and recommendations that he/she makes could result in serious delays in the programs and projects, as well as in considerable spending of resources. Able to supervise, develop and provide direction to engineers and technicians




 Under (e.g. limited supervision, general direction, etc.) and in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws/regulations and Corporate Johnson & Johnson, procedures and guidelines, this position:


· Is responsible for monitoring and other activities:

 · Plans, coordinates and leads an engineering project with NOTICE: This is a controlled, confidential, and copyrighted document. Please check if it is the most up-to-date revision.

· As an individual contributor, performs complex tasks or of recent introduction that require the development of techniques or new, improved procedures.

· It is expected that his/her work, results in the development of equipment, materials, processes, products and new or improved methods.

· As a specialist staff, develops and evaluates plans and criteria for a variety of projects and activities that other persons will perform.

· Evaluates the viability and solidity of the engineering evaluation tests proposed, of products and equipment when the necessary data is insufficient or when is advisable to perform the tests.

· Serves as a staff consultant in the technical specialty, some type of installation or equipment, or the function of a program etcetera .

· He/she is responsible for ensuring the compliance, personal and of the Company, with the federal, state and local regulations, policies and procedures corresponding to the areas of Health, Safety and Environment.

· Responsible for the purchasing or design of equipment that complies with the standards fixed by the Company in regards of performance and in areas of health, safety and environment.

· Responsible for carrying out performance , verification and feasibility revisions to ensure the proper initiation of new processes. o Responsible for communicating business related issues or opportunities to next management level o For those who supervise or manage a staff, responsible for ensuring that subordinates follow all Company guidelines related to Health, Safety and Environmental practices and that all resources needed to do so are available and in good condition, if applicable o Responsible for ensuring personal and Company compliance with all Federal, State, local and Company regulations, policies, and procedures o Performs other duties assigned as needed.




Position Education / Training and/or Experience Staff Process Engineer

· Engineering, any specialty.

· Masters in Science and/or certification is recommended.

· More than 6 years in a similar position, preferably.

· Experience in the medical industry, preferably





* Position Education / Training and/or Experience Staff Process Engineer

· Knowledge of good manufacturing practices and documentation, preferably in the medical industry. · Experiment design.

· Knowledge in statistical analysis tools

· Management of statistical procedures.

· Knowledge of computer programs.

· Oral and written communication in Spanish

· Process Engineer Staff: Strong comprehension of standard costs and work standards.

· Process Engineer Staff: Knowledge of productive processes.

 · Process Engineer Staff: Experimental Engineering techniques,

· Process Engineer Staff Advanced English

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