13 Jan, 2021

Economic Model Coordinator (Chemical Engineer)

  • Shell Oil
  • Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Chemical Engineer   Oil & Gas

Job Description

The Role

Job Purpose :

The Economic Model Coordinator (EMC) is responsible for developing and maintaining up-to-date planning and scheduling models that provide a fit-for-purpose representation of the refinery/base chemical capabilities and constraints.

The economic models that the EMC maintains are a critical tool for refinery economic evaluations and decision support, both in operational and long-term horizons. The EMC works collaboratively with the economists, refinery schedulers, technologists and operations to assure the integrity of the models and the quality the output.

Key accountabilities:

  • Ensure all activities are conducted in accordance with agreed Health, Safety and Environment practices and procedures as outlined in the Refinery Management System and the Refinery Planning and Scheduling (RPS) White Book.

As Economics Model Coordinator:

• Support and maintain the basic data for all hydrocarbon management systems including but not limited to:

  • LP Model (PIMS/Planstar)
  • Data generation system for the LP (CSI Crude Cutter + Flowsheets)
  • Scheduling Systems (ORION)
  • Refinery Simulation (Refsim)
  • Crude Acceptability Matrix (CAM)Crude Intelligence (CSi)
  • Visual Management Tools for Margin and Basic Data

• Analyze the results of the regular monitoring of basic data carried out with the refinery technologists, scheduler and economist, and liaise with the Technology Group to challenge and update the process models as needed. Coordination with P&T and MO specialists in process modeling to be done as and when needed.

• Perform Refinery Yield Accuracy monitoring as prescribed by the Global Basic Data Team.

• Track Plan (LP) vs. Schedule (ORION) vs. Actual yield/quality performance, and provide inputs to the P2S2A process.

• Track and model actual refinery constraints vs. LP/ORION

• Monitor qualities of crude oil cargoes received, feedback results to Crude focal point and refinery technologists and update ORION when changes will have significant impact to the Schedule.

• Act as focal point for collection of crude oil assay information and securing approvals for processing of new crudes nominated to the Refinery by providing initial assessment via the Crude Acceptance Matrix (CAM).

• Liaise with other Regional basic Data and LP specialists to share and adopt best practices and ensure consistency of approach.

• Be the custodian of the Shell LP model (operational and long-term models), responsible for the integrity of the model.

• Diagnose structural issues with the LP model and initiate development of solutions with modelling specialists.

• Maintain full history of LP model and Basic Data changes and securing LOD approval.

• Provide support to economists in LP analysis, in particular develop/adopt techniques for post mortem analysis and robust crude cargo analysis.

• Act as local champion for Basic Data: maintaining the focus and ensuring priority is given by technical staff.

• Ensure compliance to RPS Processes (official sign-off of planning tools, RYA, etc)

Support Responsibilities:

  • Assists the Refinery Economist in MVAs & Plan Handshakes activities as well as the Business Plan process.
  • Assists Crude Economist in the preparation of monthly ROP and crude purchasing decisions for the short term plan.
  • Serve as back-up to Refinery Product Scheduler
  • Support for minor growth projects & initiatives


  • Manage E&S Mgt System. Ensure procedures and work instructions are complied with, systems are kept alive, maintain, review, update and control documents of the E&S MS.
  • Ensure compliance of the systems to certifiable international standard.
  • As Group Records Management focal, ensure the file plan is kept current and relevant
  • Fulfill role as Internal Assurance Agent

Job Requirements:

  • Suitable applicants may have a scheduling and/or a general refinery technology background with some knowledge of core refinery processes, and is able to understand the economics of these processes.
  • Graduate of Chemical Engineering
  • Experience in refinery planning using LP models will be advantageous but not strictly required.
  • A high level of comfort in using computer based tools as well as unit simulators. Advanced spreadsheet skill required.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills, analytical skills and attention to details are essential to build a strong team and working spirit within the team.

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