25 Mar, 2024

Process Engineer Gas & Utilities

  • Shell Oil
  • Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Process Engineer Oil & Gas

Job Description

Where do you fit in

You will provide process technological monitoring and advise on highly integrated Gas and Utilities sections of the Shell MDS plant. Process units include Air Separation and Cryogenic Treatment units, Hydrogen Manufacturing Units, Instrument air systems, Fuel gas and Natural gas systems, steam, water, incinerator, and Hot Oil systems.

 You will ensure process design, technical integrity, and process unit performance, and provide technological advice on plant operation and optimization. Responsible for catalyst performance, new catalyst acquisition, implementation, and disposal.

 You will provide troubleshooting and incident investigation to identify/develop process improvements and plant modifications per SMDS Management of Change and minor project process development.                                                                                                                            

What’s the role? 

Principal Accountabilities

  • Initiate study and process design requests for plant modification as per the Management of Change procedure. This position may potentially cover the Air Separation Unit, Cryogenic unit, Instrument Air Nitrogen and Fuel Gas and Natural Gas, Hot Oil System, Hydrogen Manufacturing Unit, Wastewater treatment, or as assigned by the line manager.
  • Provide technological advice to process units’ operating conditions, alarm management development, and proactive technical monitoring to ensure safe production (ESP) and asset integrity.
  •  Provides technological content for plant performance reports to include process, catalyst, and equipment of the assigned process. Participate in process incident investigation and process. improvement proposal to ensure optimal integrated solutions for capital project initiation.
  • Delivery of establishing business case for minor/major project proposal by providing the feasibility study/key investigation in the project Assessment phase, and front-end process design for the Basis Of Design and Process Design Package in the project Select/Define phase.
  • Responsible in the development of new catalyst, new catalyst acquisition, implementation and disposal in the assigned units.
  • Process custodian to the unit process safeguarding documentation viz. Process Safeguarding Memorandum, Process Safeguarding Narratives of the assigned units. Provide consistency and accurate documentation of operating manuals, operating procedures including unit start-up, unit shutdown and special operation such as catalyst loading/unloading and conditioning etc.
  • Contribute to improving safe and flawless operation by actively participating in LFI and Group standard/program implementation on-site in process integrity, defining safe operating windows and limits for safe unit operations. This includes the development of operating procedures and manuals, ESP Technical proactive monitoring, Variable table/alarm, process control, process safeguarding system (Safeguarding Memo, Narrative), PEFS, and PFS. Participate in the close-out of all HEMP RAP, Technical Safety Review/HAZOP action items in respective process units.
  • Provide technology support to the commissioning, and start-up of additional facilities of existing plant and new facilities/projects. Provide support to the post-implementation review of MOC and minor projects, and participate in lesson-learned documentation and knowledge management. 9. Specific knowledge on the Oxygen system or Hydrogen Manufacturing Unit may be an advantage but not necessary

Key Challenges:

  • Being the first-of-its-kind commercial GTL plant in the world, SMDS Bintulu plant Gas and Utilities units pose their special technological challenges in unique processes such as ASU & ACTS.
  • The critical position of the O2 production unit ASU/ACTS demands efficient and reliable operation and quick situational assessment and problem-solving in upset situations.


  • Engineering Degree and/or Certification as a Process Engineer.
  • Experience as a Steam Engineer and Cepietso is an advantage.
  • Min. 5 years of relevant experience in a refinery, gas plant, or chemical site is required.
  • Good written and oral communication.
  • Hands-on experience in Process units including Air Separation and Cryogenic Treatment units, Hydrogen Manufacturing Units, Instrument air systems, Fuel gas and Natural gas systems, steam, water, incinerator, and Hot Oil systems.  

What do we need from you

Company Description

Shell has been a partner in powering Malaysia’s progress since 1891 when we established our first depot in the Straits Settlements. Today, we are an integrated energy company comprising Upstream, Downstream, Integrated Gas and New Energies, Projects & Technology, and Shell Business Operations. Shell Malaysia aims to be the leading energy player in the country, powering Malaysia’s future with cleaner, innovative, and competitive energy solutions.

Ø Upstream

More than a century, Shell has been operating and we continue to extract and deliver oil and gas efficiently, profitably, and in environmentally friendly and socially responsible ways to meet evolving customer needs and the growing demand for energy.

Ø Downstream

With over 950 service stations, Shell has the leading market share in the fuels retailing business in Malaysia. In Malaysia, we make and sell more than 600 different lubricants for the automotive sector, heavy-duty transport, food processing, and power generation. We are the lubricants market leader in Sabah and Sarawak.

Ø Integrated Gas, Renewables and Energy Solutions

Shell set out its Powering Progress strategy, which we aim to deliver through our three business pillars of Growth, Transition and Upstream. The Growth Pillar includes our Marketing and Renewables & Energy Solutions businesses and focuses on working with our customers to accelerate the transition to net-zero emissions. One of our achievement, Sarawak onshore: World’s first commercial GTL plant (SMDS)

Ø Project & Technology

As P&T, we exist to make the delivery of Shell’s strategy and the growth of our company possible. P&T works collaboratively and in an integrated way with its business partners, to deliver value for our customers, and for Shell.

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