21 Aug, 2023

Engineer- Process Engineering

  • Shell Oil
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Process Engineer Petrochemicals & Refining

Job Description

Job Purpose:

The Process Engineer is an experienced process engineer with relevant experience and domain knowledge in any of the following domains : gas processing (incl. LNG), refining, chemicals. The role will be part of the extended asset team supporting the LNG Canada (LNGC) Asset.

The role will be a key liquidator of LNGC process engineering work scopes and will need to grow and evolve with the asset (from the project stage to steady state operations). The key aspect for this role in the first 2-3 years is working collaboratively with the LNGC team in executing the preparatory work to meet asset startup objectives. This role would grow as an extended member of the asset Technology team with key focus on support for LNG trains with a flexibility to extend the expertise to support common facilities/ utilities.

Key accountabilities:

  • Provide technical expertise in process engineering with a focus on support for LNG trains
  • Day to day technological support to operations (monitoring incl. liaison with PTM engineers, guidance, optimization, trouble shooting support, product quality assurance)
  • Developing opportunities for improvement in key areas (aligned with asset improvement plan, using MTO lists, production trends, PTM observations and other relevant inputs
  • Scoping, framing and delivery of MoC activities to meet asset improvement objectives. This also includes support for development of brownfield project MoCs.
  • Support the improvement in GHG performance and production uplift/optimization through process engineering optimizations and also support development of abatement opportunities, as needed.
  • Fact finding and initial framing of various MoC scopes in the process engineering space
  • Conduct basic process engineering calculations using standard tools (industry or Shell toolbox). This includes running and maintaining asset maintained Steady State / Dynamic Simulation models, as needed.
  • Conduct analysis from various data sources to deliver insights, conclusions, and actions
  • Detailed root-cause analysis of abnormalities
  • Support the process safety journey for the asset including bringing operation learning to the owing actions for resolution from PSR-OMAR (Process Safety Review - Operational Mode Assurance Review) (part of AIPSM umbrella)
  • Support internal and external benchmarking activities (including data collection, analysis and reporting)
  • Produce LNG trains specific monthly reports
  • Ensuring clear integration of approved MoCs with relevant work processes – APIT, MTA, TA, ME, Minor Projects (cross-linking, status tracking).
  • Collaborate & support MOC owners to plan and ensure timely delivery of key milestones (development completion, field implementation completion, final closeout). This will include a lot of follow-up with MOC owners to get actions closed before due dates.
  • Creation of required minion MoCs in line with execution planning and updating relevant systems
  • Alignment with HOMPTA, OMCs and Maintenance planners for incorporation in 90 DLAH, and therefore in IAP/Integrated Area Meetings. Alignment and cultivate a community in TAO with IAPS team already supporting Pearl GTL.
  • Focal point for MoC closure and responsible for MoC tracking and reporting.
  • Responsible for partnering with onsite MOC coordinators:
  • Track status of Temporary PCRs, including day team support for potential extensions. Follow-up to prevent any overdue temporary PCR’s.
  • Prepare of JA/WI or IPF protocols for activities which previously would have called for a recurring PCR.(Process Change Request)->> Reoccurring MOC
  • Support updating operational documents
  • Support site MOC FP with scheduling area audits & Go-See’s on the Area MOC process
  • Support continuous improvement initiatives for MOC’s to drive more efficient and effective outcomes for LNG Canada. Identify improvement opportunities to MOC SPFP.
  • Preparation of Management Information on the health of the MOC process in the Area, for report-out to Area and Site leadership. Participate and contribute in IAM meetings with overview of the important deviations per PU as result of installed clamps, TPC and PCR’s under execution
  • Support closure of RADAR assurance actions (>LOD1 audit actions capturing) which require updates to Operational documents, registers (under the guidance of onsite MOC coordinators)/ Support audit findings.
  • Facilitate and contribute to MOC screening meetings to ensure effective prioritization of MOC’s in line with the risk profile and needs of the production units.  
  • The scope of expanding the responsibilities in the future based on the trust building with the collaborating working of MOC coordinators onsite team and TAO based team.

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