Engineer / Sr. Engineer / Lead Engineer

Vadod, Gujarat (IN)
By Negotiation
04 Oct 2018

Part 1. Describe the Position


(1)    Job Purpose: One-sentence description of the overall purpose/mission of the job; the rationale of why the job exists and how it contributes to the company.

Work with Engineers/Managers globally on product development; Value Engineering, Value analysis and other product development projects. Execute projects for the Global Engineering Center of Excellence that may include calculations, detailed analysis, reverse engineering, teardown & benchmarking and production of Pro-E/Creo models and drawings. The engineer works from India Technology Centre and has to coordinate with other engineers & leaders to ensure timely completion of the projects given by the Xylem global engineering centers.

(2)    Goals and Objectives: Several bullet points for setting performance objectives.

List the essential functions and major activities in order of their importance

  • Effectively and correctly apply engineering concepts to re-design or optimize existing productswith minimal assistance / guidance for cost reduction or performance improvement.
  • Areas of expertise include product design, benchmarking, teardown analysis, VA/VE and reverse-engineering of product.
  • Work with domestic and international manufacturing teams to implement DFA/DFM principles during development, creation, and/or implementation of assembly processes for new/upgrading products.
  • Plan and facilitate design reviews and workshop; working within cross-functional teams.
  • Complete project assignments per established schedules.
  • Appropriately and correctly apply Pro-E/Creo and advanced design/analysis tools.
  • Motivate and mentor cross functional engineers
  • Facilitate cross functional workshops and online sessions to onboard and align on projects
  • Ensure proper prioritization of projects through Business Case Analysis and Feasibility studies

Part 2. Describe the Person

A)          Minimum professional and educational background desired (include years of experience).

  • 4-Year bachelor’s degree preferably in Mechanical/Electrical/Production Engineering
  • 2 to 10 years’ experience in design development/VAVE Projects (Tools - Creo, Creo Simulate, Ansys)


  • 4-Year bachelor’s degree in Mechanical/Electrical/Production Engineering
  • 2-Year Master Degree in Mechanical/ Electrical/Production engineering
  • 1 to 8 years’ experience in design development/VAVE Projects (Tools - Creo, Creo Simulate, Ansys)
  • Key technical skills and knowledge.
  • Proficiency in Creo a plus
  • Project / Program Management skills a plus
  • Value Engineering Certification (SAVE) a plus
  • Costing analysis or design-to-cost experience a plus
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to effectively manage multiple tasks and priorities.
  • Effective communication in English is must.
  • Ability to identifying material used, manufacturing process, etc.
  • Knowledge of foundry, machining and fabrication processes.
  • Knowledge of international & industry standards.
  • Knowledge and Ability to apply engineering concepts.
  • Knows & uses the fundamental concepts, practices & procedures of particular field of specification.
  • Microsoft office package – Excel and Powerpoint. – Experienced user.

(1)   Include the competencies identified for the position that differentiate superior performance.

  • Proven communication abilities
  • Strong ethical working style. Capable of working with cross functional team
  • Adaptability to work with different work culture, time zones.
  • Be a team player
  • Strong technical, communication and inter-personal capabilities
  • Bias toward speed, strong sense of urgency
  • Listens and works well in team environment
  • SharePoint experience
  • Previous experience in driving comprehensive workshops and cross functional teams.


(2)   Job fit highlight: the factors within the job that certain employees may find particularly satisfying or dissatisfying. Such as, heavy volume of paper work, travel into dangerous countries, opportunities to work with all kinds of people.


  • Opportunity to work with international people.
  • Most of the work is related to design and engineering for new as well as old product.
  • Opportunities may include travelling abroad for various job assignments.
  • Opportunity to be a part of a new team and building up the function.

(3)   Career Pathways: identify the classification/s that might be next career opportunity for employees in the classification.

  • Next career opportunity is to independently accountable for a particular design task for a given component or product itself.
  • Take a larger degree of leadership and responsibility in driving idea generation and idea implementation.