Process Engineer -Chemical Manufacturing

Toledo, Ohio
$75,000 to $90,000 Annually
21 Mar 2018
Job role
Process Engineer
Contract Type
Full Time

Plans, directs, and coordinates manufacturing processes within the plant. The Process Engineer is the owner of the mass and energy balance for the facility and will continuously seek ways to improve yield and energy efficiency of the process. This role will develop, evaluate, and improve the manufacturing methods utilizing knowledge of product design, materials, chemicals, and production equipment capabilities, manage and modify the Delta V control system to enhance operations, and maintain all quality control standards. Apply statistical methods to estimate future manufacturing automation requirements and potential. Confers with management, engineering, and other staff regarding manufacturing capabilities, production schedules, and other considerations to facilitate the production process.

This role has the ownership the MOC (management of change) process for process related changes as well as functional descriptions of all automated processes and the subsequent hazard analysis.

Works closely with the plant engineer in the design, installation, and commissioning new production equipment and processes. Monitors modifications, upgrades, and troubleshoots existing processes. Maintains knowledge of the Process Chemistry. Maintains the systems necessary to ensure quality of raw materials and finished products; provide primary support for all chemistry/quality related manufacturing issues; act as liaison to the Process Chemistry Group, R&T, Technical Service, Marketing & Sales, and Production; provide guidance for department (Lab) activity and ensure it is within budget.


Monitor and improve the efficiency and output of the plant, ensure the manufacturing process works at optimal levels, maximize the rate and quality of all resins and formaldehyde in order to meet supply requirements. Assume responsibility for risk assessment, including hazard and operability (HAZOP) studies for the health and safety of both plant staff and the community. Apply chemical engineering principles to enhance the process and make fundamental improvements in the way we operate and produce our products. Ensure that all aspects of the operation and process meet specified safety and environmental regulations. Lead by example by being involved in the Joint Health and Safety Committee. Ensure the QA is engaged in all plant safety systems, processes, and initiatives.

Review all formulations and the automation of the formulations in cooperation with the Process Chemistry Group, manage notifications, reconcile manufacturing process capability to formulation requirements, and assure that in specification product can be produced.

Develop, manage, and report results for QC/QA performance so that product quality is optimized in the most resource efficient manner. This includes, but is not restricted to the management and optimization of the sites REACT program.

Observe and take measurements directly, as well as collecting and interpreting data from other Production personnel . Train Production personnel in the basic operation, theory, maintenance, and effect of new installations. Assist the Production Superintendent on matters concerning process equipment that affect production. Provide personal training and monitor results for all plant raw material, in process and finished product quality testing. Review/Develop test methods that meet R&D standards.

Review and report quality data (SPC/SQC). Recommended remedial actions to correct deviations as required. Maintain quality database and report as required.

Perform administrative functions such as reviewing and writing reports, attend daily, weekly, and monthly meetings, responsible for entering daily information into the plant Scorecard and DWOR, approving expenditures, enforcing rules, and making decisions about purchase of materials or services.

Manage the Lab and Quality Analyst (QA) – Assign, direct, and evaluate the Quality Analyst’s work. Ensure all KPI’s are met consistently. Oversee the development and maintenance of QA’s competence.


  • B.S. in Chemical Engineering
  • 5 years process or production engineering experience in a chemical plant setting.