Power Plant Electrical Engineer

Charlestown, Massachusetts (US)
Competitive Salary
20 Feb 2018
Contract Type
Full Time


Responsible for the safe and efficient operational activities for the Mystic 7 generating facility. The facility is a nominal 565 MW oil/natural gas fueled facility. Featuring 1 - CE Controlled Circulation Boiler @ 4,200,000 lbs/hr, 1 - G.E. Tandem Compound Double Flow Turbine-Generator, 1 - Auxiliary Package Boiler and 1 - 12 MW Rolls Royce Avon Simple Cycle Gas Turbine. Specific responsibilities and duties include:

• The title Engineer designates employees whose responsibilities and duties require professional knowledge, and aptitude for creative thinking in some specific field of engineering, such as electrical, electronic, mechanical chemical, civil, heating and ventilating, or structural, and whose activities are in connection with engineering, construction, operation or maintenance assignments, or other technical work of the Company.

• Engineers must effectively coordinate their work activities with others such as: engineers or others working on the same projects; personnel of other departments; representatives of consulting engineering firms, municipalities, other utilities, manufacturers, customers, contractors or contractor's employees engaged in related activities.

• It will be essential for Engineers engaged in certain activities involving other departments to acquire familiarity with any applicable rules and procedures established by those departments such as "Permit" procedure, "Red Tagging" procedures, Safety Rules and procedures, System Operating Department routines, etc.

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