15 Mar, 2023

Sr. Engineer-Process

  • Lilly
  • Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Process Engineer Biochemicals / Pharmaceuticals Chemicals

Job Description

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Mainly serve as material prep primary loop process engineer


 The following objectives/deliverables support process equipment located in Lilly Suzhou site.

General Description:

  • 作为主要人员支持现场工作(日常生产支持)

Responsible for primary loop support that provides direct on-the-floor support for processes (daily manufacturing support).

  • 从设备和工艺性能方面确保符合法规和安全要求

Ensures regulatory and safety compliance from an equipment and process performance aspect.

  • 执行故障排除,偏差调查和解决,变更管理,安全评估,工艺检测等

Conducts troubleshooting, deviation investigation, and resolution, change management, safety assessments, process monitoring, etc.


Specific description:

  • 参与设备的周期性评估。

Participate in Periodic Reviews for equipment.

  • 通过积极参与安全相关的活动(安全审核,工作安全分析,危害评估等)来促进安全状况的改善。

Actively participate in safety-related activities (audits, JSA’s, hazard reviews, etc.) to drive ongoing safety improvement.

  • 支持日常的维护和其他相关工作以保证系统的实时性和可靠性。

Support routine maintenance and other activities that control systems up-to-date and reliable.

  • 积极参与安全相关活动并实施HSE和5S相关的措施。

Active Participation in safety-related activities and implementation of specific tasks regarding HSE and 5S activities.

  • 与其他团队成员包括生产,技术服务,质量人员,以及设备技术人员,自动化工程师等有效沟通和合作。

Work and communicate effectively with process team member (Ops, TSMS, QA, etc.) and other technical professional mainly focused with Equipment (in particular Automation Engineer and Technicians)

  • 工艺工程师是各自工艺团队的设备专家和资产管家,负责如下:

The Process Engineer is the equipment expert and asset steward for their Process Team and, as such, is accountable for:

  • 了解设备的安全操作范围和安全特殊要求以及人体工程学,曝露,工艺和设备的环境污染控制要求。

Knowing the safe operating limits and HSE specific features of the equipment as well as the ergonomic, exposure, and environmental pollution control requirements of the process and equipment.

  • 了解操作控制策略以及相关工艺参数对设备的影响。

Knowing the Operational Control Strategies and how the equipment impacts related process parameters.

  • 知道并理解设备设计基础(用户要求)。

Knowing and understanding the basis of design for the equipment (i.e., User Requirements).

  • 理解设备和工艺质量和能量平衡(如适用)。

Understanding the equipment and process mass and energy balance, as applicable.

  • 确保始终把工艺改进和问题解决作为首要原则。

Ensuring they are always applying first principles on process improvements and issue resolution.

  • 理解潜在的设备故障模式并为设备相关的偏差提供建议。

Understanding potential equipment failure modes and recommending appropriate countermeasures for equipment related deviations.

  • 了解设备性能(关键测量,测定不确定性)和报警管理要求。

Understanding equipment capability (Critical Measurement, Measure Uncertainty) and alarm management requirements.

  • 确保对资产绩效有明确的理解,以便根据业务需求将改进工作重点放在合适的时机(比如提高竞争力)。

Ensuring a clear understanding of asset performance in order to focus improvement efforts on the right opportunities (i.e., competitive) in line with business needs.

  • 工艺工程师负责设备的验证状态,例如:

The Process Engineer Representative owns the qualified state of their equipment and, as such are accountable for:

  • 记录工作以及学习官方资源,例如:工艺流程图(PFDs),设备流程文件(EFDs),管道和仪器图(PIDs),工厂流程文件(SFD)(如适用)和电子存档技术报告

Documenting work and learning in official sources such as: Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs), Equipment Flow Documents (EFDs), Piping and Instrument Diagrams (PIDs), Site Flow Documents (SFD) (where applicable) and electronically archived technical reports.

  • 支持设备初始验证,制定和批准预防性维护计划和备件清单,确保这些在合适的设备管理系统中保存。

Supporting initial equipment qualification, creating and approving equipment Preventative Maintenance Plans and spare parts lists, ensuring those are maintained in an appropriate equipment management system.

  • 确保设备的验证状态在在资产生命周期中得到适当的维护和监控。

Ensuring the qualified state of equipment is properly maintained and monitored through the asset life cycle.

  • 确保重大更改,维护和其他干预措施不会对设备的验证状态产生不利影响。

Ensuring significant changes, maintenance, and other interventions do not adversely impact the qualified state of the equipment.

  • 根据工艺流程团队的建议,涉及到设备相关问题推及到工程领导团队。

Escalating any equipment related issues to the Engineering Lead Team, per Process Team recommendation.

  • 提供干预后设备恢复的指导。

Providing guidance on return to service requirements for equipment after interventions.

  • 全面了解工艺验证过程和相关设备,设施和计算机验证过程。

Having a comprehensive understanding of the process validation and its associated equipment, facilities, and computer system validations.

  • 在大多数情况下,工艺工程师负责工艺周期时间和生产量的可变性,其中包括:

In most cases, the Process Engineer is responsible for process cycle time and throughput variables, which includes:

  • 识别工艺流程瓶颈,了解他们如何被变更以及变更的上下游所影响,并提供适当的改进措施。

Identifying process bottlenecks and understanding how they are impacted by changes as well as their upstream and downstream implications as well as recommending appropriate improvements.

  • 了解工艺周期时间和生产量的可变性因素(即常见原因或特殊原因),并提出改进建议。

Knowing the sources of variability in cycle time and throughput (i.e., common cause or special cause variability) and making improvement recommendations.

  • 计算和理解停机的主要原因。

Measuring and understanding the main causes of downtime.

  • 负责设备的可靠性并确保维护策略的一致执行。

Owning reliability of equipment and ensuring consistent execution of maintenance strategies.

  • 工艺工程师负责提供日常生产的支持:

The Process Engineer Representative provides support to the management of daily operations by:

  • 使用统计工具理解并适当减少过程可变性。

Using statistical tools to understand and appropriately reduce sources of process variability.

  • 使用历史数据和工艺数据资源进行工艺参数的提取和绘图。

Using data historian and other sources of process data to extract and chart relevant process parameters.

  • 主导设备问题的根本原因分析以及在调查期间提供设备的专业知识。

Leading equipment related Root Cause Analysis and providing equipment expertise during investigations.

  • 负责与设备相关的偏差调查,纠正和预防措施以及变更。

Owning equipment related deviations, corrective and preventative actions and changes.

  • 指导和培训工艺流程团队以及一线员工对设备的理解和要求。

Educating, coaching and providing ongoing reinforcement of Process Team members and frontline staff on equipment requirements.

  • 作为维护团队和公用设施团队的接口当他们没有代表在工艺流程团队时。

Providing an interface with maintenance and utilities when they are not directly represented on Process Teams.

  • 确保批准的设备相关执行文件和说明书可以被执行,使得实际操作匹配流程。

Ensuring approved equipment-related procedures and instructions can be executed as written so that practice matches procedure.

  • 了解流程的健康以及安全。

Understanding Health and Safety aspects of their processes.


Basic Requirements: Indicate qualifications that are job related, necessary for the performance of an essential function of this position including education/licenses/certifications, relevant experience, technical and/or other job-related skills (Operational skill, foreign language, computer and etc.).

  • 工程相关专业的学士学位(或同等的工作经验)

Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (or equivalent work experience)

  • 作为团队成员高效工作的合作和沟通能力

Adequate interpersonal and communication skills to be able to work effectively in a team-based environment.

  • 较强的操作电脑的能力,能使用包括Office和AutoCAD在内的多种软件

Strong computer skills in a variety of software packages (Office, AutoCAD, etc.).


Additional Preferences: Indicate any skills or qualifications that are desirable or preferred attributes for the position.

  • 在制药行业作为工艺工程师工作的经验

Previous experience as a process engineers within the Pharmaceutical Industry.

  • 较强的问题解决能力

Strong troubleshooting skills.

  • 能在分析生产制造问题的时候运用统计学概念帮助问题的解决

Ability to apply statistical thinking concepts to the analysis of manufacturing problems.

  • 具备使用问题分析工具系统性解决问题的经验

Experience in utilizing root cause analysis techniques for the systematic solving of problems.


Other Information: Include any work schedule (shift, overtime), travel or environment requirements necessary for the performance of the position.

  • 可能需要加班

Overtime may be required.

  • 出于培训或其他相关活动需要,可能需要国内及欧洲和/或美国出差

May have some domestic travel as well as to Europe and/or the US for training or other related actives.

  • 该岗位是日班,但可能需要为支持日常生产(24/7运行)临时做调整

Position is day shift role but requires flexibility to adjust schedule as needed to support the routine operation (24/7 operation).

  • 日常运营时间(24/7运行),需要保持线下联系畅通可以对产线发生的异常事件进行及时响应

During routine operations, will be required to carry a phone for off-shift coverage and respond to operational issues.

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