05 Oct, 2021

Process Safety Engineer

  • bp
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
Health & Safety, Process Engineer Oil & Gas Petrochemicals & Refining

Job Description

Job summary

Continuous improvement of the process safety of the refinery, with the aim of preventing (particularly serious) accidents, personal injury and damage to installations and the environment. The process safety engineer monitors compliance with both BP and government process safety regulations.

Responsibilities and authorities
The Process Safety Engineer is responsible for advising and directing his asset in the field of process safety with the aim of: ensuring a safe working environment, identifying harmful effects for the environment and (risk-weighted) reducing BP regulations with regard to translate process safety to department level and facilitate its input improve process safety awareness within the line organization to prevent incidents. 
Tasks Direct work:

  • Is a trainer / coach for his/her asset in the field of risk identification and evaluation for process safety;
  • Leads, facilitates and/or contributes process safety advice to process safety studies, such as HAZOP, LOPA, MAR and QRA, in accordance with the applicable procedures and planning;
  • Is responsible for reviewing and approving all process safety aspects in projects (new construction and adaptations) and changes (MOCs) and supports the project teams in the development of good and safe project designs;
  • Monitors the quality of the action handling of process safety studies;
  • Assesses and comments on specifications, relevant BP standards and facilitates their formal entry and acceptance;
  • Supports improving the process safety aspect of operational procedures
  • Is responsible for the control of the process safety information for the purpose of barrier management (mechanical, instrumental and procedural protections).

Indirect work:
  • Helps maintain process safety competencies for the organization;
  • Screens incidents, abnormal situations for process safety aspects and takes action where necessary;
  • Models effects of incident scenarios according to BP internal and government regulations;
  • Performs process safety checks in the units and control room through regular SOC or inspection visits and/or self-verification;
  • Contributes to project security verification processes (PHSSER).

  • Has expert knowledge and extensive experience with process safety studies;
  • Participates in network of process safety specialists within and outside BP;
  • Brings information from lessons-learned outside of BPRR and ensures targeted follow-up;
  • Is an expert in the selection and use of the relevant tools for process safety studies.

Education and Experiences: Required Education / Qualifications:

  • WO process technology, chemical technology or equivalent possibly supplemented with higher safety science, safety for technologists;
  • Hazop/Lopa leader training with BP accreditation, PHSSER training, MAR/Phast and or Safeti training;
  • Safety course for managers VCA.

Additional knowledge:
  • Knowledge of the legislation, standards and requirements in the field of process safety;
  • In-depth knowledge of process safety;
  • Good written and oral communication skills

Required experience:
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in the process industry in process / project engineering and/or operations, supplemented with specific experience in the field of process safety.

  • Native Dutch speaker and good knowledge of the English language

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