05 Oct, 2021

Process Engineer

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  • Whiting, IN, USA
Process Engineer Oil & Gas Petrochemicals & Refining

Job Description

Role Synopsis
The Process Engineer is accountable for assuring unit performance and availability from cycle to cycle. They do this by acting as the primary interface with Operations to support routine, day-to-day asset operations activities such as troubleshooting, providing technical input for operating procedures, and supporting basic process control issues. Process Engineers regularly monitor the units for mass balance closure, catalyst performance, yields, and operation within chemical and physical integrity limits. They deliver operational technical support for process improvements, turnaround activities, performance tests, technical knowledge management, and troubleshooting exercises.
The Process Engineer will support turnaround activity through scope development, process inspection, and shutdown and startup activities. Thus, this role may include working shift/evening/weekend schedules on occasion.
Additionally, the Process Engineer will have a key role in various special assignments such as project commissioning, complex unit modeling, and catalyst selection. Generally, this position will work under the guidance of a Process Engineering Team Lead or Senior Engineer.
This role supports safe refinery operations and maximizing profitability by delivering in the following key accountability areas:
  • Process Safety Management
  • Unit operations support
  • Unit and system monitoring
  • Unit and system optimization
  • Turnaround support
  • Grow capability

Process Safety Management:
  • Participate by providing technical input to process related MOC (Management of Change) reviews
  • Provide updates for heat and material balances for unit HAZOP (Hazard and Operability) revalidations
  • Technical representation in unit HAZOP revalidation and IPL (Independent Protection Layer) meetings
  • Support incident investigation activities and action item closure
  • Technical support for alarm rationalization
  • Proactively identify process and personal safety risks on site and share learnings
Unit Operations Support:
  • Assist Operations in troubleshooting process deviations. When trade-offs are identified the Process Engineer works with the Optimization Engineer to achieve the best economic operating compromise.
  • Work with operations to establish and maintain operating procedures for the safe startup, shutdown, and routine operation of the unit.
  • Issue guidance and support Operations to commercially optimize units within safe operating limits
  • Develop and oversee test runs
  • Support environmentally compliant operation and work to achieve goal of no damage to the environment
  • Work with Operations and Reliability Engineers to achieve mechanical availability goals
  • Support unit project commissioning and project design basis acceptance activities
  • Solicit assistance of Senior Engineer or Process Safety Engineer on behalf of Operations or him/herself
minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering or related degree
Essential Responsibilities
  • Minimum of 3 years of plant experience in technical, engineering, operations, maintenance
  • Direct experience with desktop computer applications (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

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