05 Oct, 2021

Industrial Process Engineer

£33.90 hourly
  • Morson International
  • Chester, UK
Process Engineer Chemicals

Job Description

Our Broughton based Client has a requirement for a Industrial Process Engineer to undertake the below contract role.

Job Duties:
- Design consultation
- Execution of robust, reliable and safe operations
- Drive implementation of 1st installation with required shop floor feedback loops
- Specify industrial asset (Jigs, Tools, Tooling, Machines) requirements for creation or modification
- Plan regular feedback loops with the Production Team
- Communicate directly and by a physical participation in Production Team routines, and participate in project works in cross-skilled teams (national / international)
- Support shop floor continuous improvement by providing work prep expertise
- Optimize further development of production processes (CI measures)
- Upstream: contribute to all phases of the design by selecting and developing new concepts (before MG3) to ensure industrial needs are considered
- Pull industrial requirements to design & supply chain.

The DPE Designs manufacturing systems from the initial principles towards a manufacturing process in the operating environment according to cost and lead-time objectives. He/She/They are in charge of 'Define build process for ME" meaning:
- Analyzing and optimizes existing manufacturing systems. - Developing and deploying capability on New Product Introduction.
- Bringing industrial expertise to the definition phase in multifunctional teams.
- Defining and negotiates the as planned structure with Engineering.
- Assessing the Manufacturing Maturity of the Structure and System Installation Design Solution
- Reviewing Interface Document and Request for Constituent Assembly
- Assessing Industrial Impact of Material & Processes Selection List and Standard Selection List

Responsible of the integrated Manufacturing Dossier covering all means needed for shop floor execution as:
- Engineering technical information
- Quality control & measurement tasks - Components / parts definition, specifications and jigs & tools activities support
- Interface Maintenance tasks - Consider Health & safety regulation
- Schedule and economic aspects
- Technical queries (Internal /External) from Technical Shop Floor Support/Serial Process Engineer/Autonomous Production Team
- Interrogate Definition Dossier from Engineering to provide comms to key industrial stakeholders
- Interrogate Build Concept Dossier from Industrial Architect Outputs
- Interrogate Definition of Industrial Set-Up, Product Structure scenarios and associated

Manufacturing Dossier in MFT (Multi-Functional Team) as Finance, Quality, Procurement, Engineering
- Analyze and Answer Technical Queries
- Define Build Process for ME

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