06 Jul, 2021

Process Engineer

  • Shell Oil
  • Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Process Engineer Oil & Gas Petrochemicals & Refining

Job Description

Job Purpose:

I) The Process Engineer PTM Distillation is an experienced process engineer tasked with remote monitoring and process performance reporting for distillation process units.
The PTM engineer plays a critical role in early detecting and alerting of production performance issues and supports the continuous improvement of the production process. 
There are no direct reports with this role, but the engineer is expected to interact directly with the site production unit and key site production unit supporting staff.

II) Basic Data Engineer is a position in the Technology Department reporting to the Manager Operational Excellence providing assurance for the site’s units’ mass balance and providing input and consulting for the site’s fence line hydrocarbon mass balance. The Basic Data Engineer will be responsible for either Godorf or Wesseling and collaborate with the Mass Balance Analyst on site.
The primary role of Basic Data Engineer will be for assurance of site Basic Data as outlined in the DSM Basic Data RP to improve and then sustain the quality of plant data for application in engineering, planning, scheduling, and accounting tools.

Key Accountabilities:

I) The key accountability of the Process Engineer PTM Distillation is providing support of the technical content for their respective technology or theme area. Performs proactive technical monitoring of the process technology against the safe operating envelope and limits for the process unit(s) that reside within their technology or theme area base. Audits and supports technical content development and other unit performance KPI’s to assure the operation is compliant. The purpose of this activity is to understand unit and equipment performance, identify threats, troubleshoot performance and reliability gaps, and identify opportunities for improvement. This activity feeds into multiple deliverables.
• Supports continuous improvement of the theme area. The PTM engineer is assessed based on the delivery of theme area improvement each year which is considered comparable to supervisory team lead leadership. Maintains and improves the portfolio of their respective theme area and delivers value through improvement of the overall theme.
• Supports compliance to global and site standards for technical monitoring process and practices in collaboration with P&T and Global work process focal points. This includes implementing and ensuring sustainability of such programs as Advanced Technical Monitoring (ATM) or SMART M.
• Provides inputs and guidance to the OSE’s/CSE’s assigned to the physical assets to ensure their assigned assets are operated in a safe, environmentally sound and reliable manner in accordance with the license to operate and the defined safe operating envelope.
• Trains OSE’s and others in how to develop, maintain and use for Proactive Technical Monitoring (PTM).
• Maintains up to date technology specific knowledge through LFI, technical networks etc. so as to be able to proactively identify threats to the units or business coming from the wider Shell organization or industry knowledge and practices.
• Identify opportunities to improve unit capacity, yield, availability and utilization in support of the site and business plans.
• Participates in technology forums, conferences to share learning and maintain and improve competencies in their specialty.
• Maintains and help’s develop training materials and guidance manuals designed for Engineers in conjunction with P&T and Learning.

Specific activities can include (but not limited to):
•    Monitoring of units using existing tools like PI-Book, SmartM, PTM-Hub, UTL, Sample Manager
•    Gathering required information out of AIM, SIFPro, Technology SharePoint sites etc.
•    Continuous improvement of PTM-monitoring plans including gap-closure, maintenance of tags, adjustment of limits etc.
•    Identifying violations of the Operating Window, IOW and DOW
•    Developing of proposals to address identified immediate threats
•    Detailed root-cause analysis of abnormalities
•    Developing of proposals to optimize units
•    Preparation, execution and reporting of testruns in direct cooperation with PU
•    Preparing quarterly reports summarizing unit performance, forecasting expected unit run lengths, highlighting possible long-term threats and proposing ways to address these threats
•    Discuss these reports with PU and Technology representatives

II) Basic Data Engineer

•    Performs daily execution of the integrated site mass balance on the DataRec/ROMEO platform and subsequent download of reconciled data to the PI historian
•    Collaborates with Operations Support Process Engineers (OSEs)/Unit Technologists, E&S personnel, Process Control System and Instrument Engineers, and corporate SMEs to maintain the model and keep balances within tolerances.
•    Updates the Process Flow Diagrams for DataRec/ROMEO model
•    Leads or assists in evaluation of complex technical issues or opportunities dealing with site mass balance and unit flows, often with multiple disciplines engaged. Assists as appropriate in problem definition and ensuring solutions that arise in site mass balance.  Communicates with the appropriate personnel from front lines up to site leadership the status of mass balance problems and issues.
•    Works with Process Engineering and corporate SMEs to reconcile mass balance and stream property gaps between Non-Linear Process Models and plant.  This also includes running of the DataRec model to support process unit test runs and model tuning
•    Translates legacy mass balance data and tools from Process Engineering and others to the Data Rec tool and incorporates legacy knowledge into site mass balance work process
•    Works with E&S to perform LP model vs actual yield and track stream properties versus predicted.  Ensure stream routings are aligned between plant and model balances
•    Works with unit CSEs to address and correct unit flow meter issues
•    Works with the Hydrocarbon Mass Balance (HMB) personnel to provide data and understand site mass balance discrepancies
•    Works with the HMB and FINOPS personnel to assure that data used for HMB is accurate
•    Supports reporting of EII and GHG emissions performance.  Ensures consistency of data
•    Provides overview of Daily Mass Balance for integrated site (Refining and Chemicals)

Skills & Requirements

-    3-5 years of experience in Oil & Gas/ Petrochemicals industry (chemical complex or a refining facility)
-    Bachelor of Science in Chemical/Petroleum or other oil & gas degree
-    Expertise in the distillation process 
-    Knowledge of integration between process units 
-    Experience using industry standard process simulation software 
-    Understanding fundamentals of flow measurement technology, basic mass and energy balance
-    Working knowledge of field Measurement, IPF, Quality Measurement, Metering, Base Layer & APC, DCS systems
-    Experience in data quality assurance checks, troubleshooting and statistics
-    Working knowledge of refinery Control systems equipment and technology
-    Hands on Experience and good understanding of Refinery/Petrochemical plant operations from a process engineering perspective.
-    Has exposure to Hydrocarbon Mass Balance calculations and Plant modelling and Real Time Optimization.  Familiar with the different plant equipment such as pumps, vessels, compressors, instrumentation, etc.  Has a basic understanding of plant maintenance and operations.
-    Effective communication skills and stakeholder management is a necessary skill for the job.
-    Basic understanding of Field Instrumentation – flow meters, temperature and pressure measuring devices, control valves, etc.
-    Hands on Experience in a mass balancing module tool, Process Pi, DataRec/Romeo Platform.


-    Ability to prioritize, manage multiple tasks, and demonstrate strong written and oral communication skills
-    Good organization, documentation, and follow-up.
-    Time management skills.
-    Problem solving skills - knowledge of engineering Standards and best practices.
-    FIM investigation, MOC knowledge.
-    Motivates, coaches, and develops
-    Values differences
-    Delivers results
-    Planning skills
-    Self-starter and an independent worker capable of collaborating in a team environment with an ability to build strong effective relationships with asset production teams while working remotely

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