12 Apr, 2021

Process Engineer

  • BASF
  • Shanghai, China
Process Engineer Chemicals

Job Description



BASF has been a committed partner to Greater China since 1885. With large production sites in Shanghai, Nanjing and Chongqing, BASF is a major foreign investor in the country’s chemical industry, and operates the Innovation Campus Shanghai, a global and regional research and development hub. BASF posted sales of more than €7.3 billion in 2019 to customers in Greater China and employed 9,230 people as of the end of the year. For further information, please visit www.basf.com/cn/en.



  • EHS related KPIs  ( Near Hit / FA / RDI / LTI )
  • Productivity  /  Quality / new process training
  • 5S
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Team work and communication
  • Energy Management

Main Tasks:

EHS Responsibilities 环境健康安全职责

  • 一般要求:
  • Observe the company EHS policy, procedures and working instructions;
  • To take EHS requirements into consideration prior to any activity or work to make sure that the launching work is safe to prevent/minimize the safety risk, environment pollution and other potential hazards;
    在开始任何一项作业或工作前,必须考虑EHS 要求,确保工作安全地开展。防止出现/尽量降低安全风险、环境污染或其他隐患;
  • Attend all EHS training as required;
  • Familiarize themselves with MSDS of hazardous substances within workplace;
  • Develop safe working skills and habits;
  • Assist colleagues with EHS requirements;
  • Have the responsibility for promptly reporting to direct supervisor in case of any incidents and near miss or exposure to hazardous substances;
  • Inform their supervisions of any hazard, unsafe condition or practice;
  • Always practice good housekeeping and keep workplace clean;
  • Fulfill other specific requirements according to BETC procedures.


  • Have whole responsibility of plant safe operation including own employees’ health and safety;
  • Prepare Safe job procedures including operation manual for plant safe operation;
  • Educate Safe job procedures including operation manual, EHS guideline including safe work permit system and MSDSs of raw materials, intermediates and products to own employees & contractors;
  • Operate plant facility safely & environmentally friendly;
  • Update P & ID and safe job procedures including operation manual in accordance with every change;
  • Act as incident assistant of commander in case of plant level emergency according to company’s Emergency Response Procedure;
  • Conduct Emergency drill according to every potential emergency case (alarm plan) in regular basis;
  • Dispose lawfully wastes (drained chemicals & any waste material) & vented gas, which is generated or occurred during operation and preparation work for maintenance and repairing work;
  • Organize the EHS review (project review, engineering review) during Change implementation in plant according to Management of Change procedure. Conduct Process Safety review, Pre-startup Safety Review (PSSR) & Management of Change on facility as well as on any changes such as procedures & raw material specification and so on;
  • Keep, maintain & update MSDSs of all raw materials, intermediates and products with the latest information;
  • Replace, add and improve Plant facility to secure safe operation of plant and to prevent environmental pollution and so on;
  • Place final decisions whether it is suitable to do test operation after installation, repair & maintenance work;
  • Conduct plant inspection periodically for safe operation;
  • Organize the risk identification and assessment as the team leader and make sure all countermeasures of identified risks have been made and followed;
  • Conduct the initial incident investigation in plant relative to plants own employees and leased person in time and maintain all related record or other information to facilitate further investigation in case of incident
  • 及时进行初步的事故调查涉及本装置员工和承包商,保留所有相关的记录和其他信息,以备进一步调查。
  • Have the deputy responsibility when supervisor not in Plant: emergency response command, people arrangement, production plan adjustment.
  • 在主管不在的情况下,有以下代理职责: 应急响应指挥, 人员安排, 生产计划调整

Process Management 工艺管理

  • According to process technical information, establish operation manuals/procedures and keep them up-to-date.
  • 根据工艺技术信息,建立操作手册/程序并保持更新
  • Assist plant manager to guide the production in compliance with the quality procedure and working instructions. Monitor the production process control, e.g. process parameter. Continuously improve the quality level, reduce the scrap rate  and increase the stability of slurry and coating
  • 协助装置经理,贯彻质量体系,使生产过程严格按相关的质量程序和指导书要求进行;监控生产过程控制,如工艺参数;持续改进现场质量水平,减少报废率,提高浆料制备和涂层的稳定性
  • According to the procedure of new product introduction, attend meetings of related gates and finish the required tasks in time, daft the process chart, write PFMA file and working instruction for new products, and optimize the process so that the quality and productivity can be achieved
  • 根据新产品的导入流程,参与新产品的导入相应阶段会议,按时完成相关节点工作,制定新产品生产工艺流程,完成PFMA文件和作业指导书,并优化生产过程
  • Study production, quality control, maintenance and operational records, solve process problems (slurry, coating, drying, calcination, etc.) and keep production line running smoothly
  • 研究生产、质量控制、维修和操作记录,解决常产工艺问题,确保生产正常进行
  • Set up and maintain process database and find the opportunities to improve productivity and efficiency; Report to plant manager any major problems and suggest corrective action/modifications taken
  • 建立和维护工艺数据库;分析生产工艺,寻找可能的改进,提高产品效率和生产率;发现重大问题应及时向装置经理汇报并提出整改/变更意见
  • Collaborate with production supervisor for Assets Effectiveness data maintenance, analysis and improvements.
  • 跟生产主管配合维护好AE数据,并分析改进
  • Certificate the operators
  • 人员的培训考核
  • 4M change follow up
  • 4M change的跟踪管理
  • 8D report follow up
  • 内外部质量投诉(8D report)的跟踪管理
  • Quality audit open items follow up
  • 质量相关审核开项跟踪审核
  • Take charge for new equipment commissioning
  • 负责新设备的调试
  • Organize the audit for maintenance and complete audit report
  • 定期组织对维修部门的审核并完成审核报告(设备问题分析->保养计划和备件策略-> 维修和保养的标准化-> 维修工的技能矩阵、培训计划、培训记录)
  • Have the deputy responsibility when Plant Manager is not in Plant: urgent technical file signature, urgent audit arrangement
  • 在装置经理不在装置的时候有如下代理职责: 紧急工艺技术文件的签署,紧急的各类审核的安排
  • Obey the reasonable work arrangement by plant manager
  • 服从 工厂经理合理安排的工作

Quality Management 质量管理

  • Cooperate with quality Engineer to make control plan
  • 配合质量工程师制定控制计划
  • Develop and revise plant QM system according to BU QM requirement and ISO system
  • 根据事业部的QM策略和ISO体系,开发、修订装置的QM体系
  • Ensure the objectives and operating procedure of QM system being implemented in the whole process management
  • 确保QM体系的目标和操作程序在整个工艺管理工作中得到贯彻执行。
  • Work with production supervisor to ensure high production quality and react quality deviation (i.e. out of specification, NCM etc.) to find and eliminate root cause
  • 与生产主管协作,确保高质量的生产,发生质量偏差(如不合格、NCM等)时及时行动,找出消除根本原因。
  • As a leader, be responsible for customer audit on quality and process capability
  • 作为负责人负责客户对产品的质量审核和过程能力审核

Documentation 文档管理

  • Consolidate, compile and update process manual, operation manual, P&ID, SOP, etc.
  • 整合、编制和更新工艺和操作手册,P&ID图纸,标准操作程序等;
  • Update technical document in time
  • 及时更新技术文件;
  • Be responsible for management of technical process related confidential documents
  • 负责管理工艺技术相关的保密文件

People Management 人员管理

  • Train the operators of new product process and new work instructions (min. 3 times/year)
  • 对现场操作工进行新产品的工艺和操作指导的培训(每年最少三次)

Energy Management 能源管理

  • Responsible for relevant work for the Energy Management system on Department level
  • Guidance & Maintenance of the Energy Management system at Department according to ISO 50001system  requirements. 
  • Tracking and monitoring of Energy efficiency goals on Department Level
  • Preparation and attendance on external ISO 50001 Audits
  • Responsible for the Energy Management internal audit
  • Ad hoc task as and when required.
  • 需要时承担特别任务


  • Education: 
  • Bachelor in Chemistry or engineering or equivalent
  • 本科及以上学历,化学或工程专业 
  • Working Experience: 
  • 5 years above experience in factory with at least
  • 5年以上的工厂工作经历  
  • Technical & Professional Knowledge:  
  • Have quality knowledge of TS16949 and ISO 9001
  • 汽车行业质量知识 TS16949 、ISO 9001
  • Good computer skill and data analysis skill                                         
  • 优秀的电脑技能和数据分析技巧
  • Soft skill & Competences (such as : result orientation, customer focus, communication …):
    • Good English speaking is plus
    • 良好的英语技能,口语流利优先
    • Honest, good working attitude and hardworking  execution
    • 诚实、努力、踏实、执行 。
    • Good interpersonal skills and negotiation skills
    • 良好的沟通技巧 
    • Good Self-Management
    • 自我管理意识

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