01 Apr, 2021

Closing the carbon cycle: new venture development

  • Deep Science Ventures
  • Remote (UK)
Chemical Engineer, Commercial Engineer, Lead Engineer, Process Engineer Chemicals Design Energy, Renewables & Nuclear Environment Industrial Gases Science

Job Description

Have you ever thought about starting your own company before?


At DSV we are already building companies tackling fundamental problems in hydrogen and carbon capture, but there’s so much more to be done!

We’re looking for someone entrepreneurial to join us and explore areas [for new venture development] such as hyper efficient, 100% clean methods of replacing hydrocarbon chemical feedstocks and fuels, including cold plasma methane cracking, hydrogen storage and ammonia, accelerated catalysis, nuclear hydrogen, and many more.




Joining DSV is a fantastic opportunity to develop concepts for and launch your own startup. Working with us and our current founders, you’ll have access to a completely new king of environment for creating science companies, one that does not start with university IP, but with a systematic rework of an opportunity area from first principles.

Within less than 12 months you will have developed a few promising concepts, built a team of multidisciplinary co-founders and experienced advisors, incorporated a new company and spun-out of DSV to start the early tech development / proof-of-concept work with investment secured from DSV and our industry partners.



We’ll provide a competitive monthly consultancy fee whilst you’re developing the concept(s) for your new venture, support you with building a founding team, finding early data to land your first customers and securing investors. DSV guarantees pre-seed investment, taking only 20% of equity (compared to >51% TTO standards), leaving the remaining 80% to be split between you and your co-founders.

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