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12 Jul 2019
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Full Time

We are looking for chemical engineers with industrial experience to study for a PhD at the University of Bath on a project jointly supported by the UK Atomic Energy Authority. This is an opportunity to develop new skills, create new opportunities for the future and experience the intellectual freedom of academic study.

The Joint European Torus (JET), situated at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in Oxfordshire, is Europe’s flagship fusion research facility. It is currently the world’s most powerful fusion reactor and the only magnetic confinement experiment capable of using the deuterium-tritium fuel mix that will be used for commercial fusion power.

The understanding of the behaviour of tritium and deuterium in materials, as well as the development of new tritium handling technologies, is essential to the success of future fusion reactors such as ITER and DEMO. This project represents a unique opportunity to work with a team of tritium experts at JET to assist in the advancement of these crucial technologies.

Pressure swing absorption (PSA) is currently being investigated as a promising new technology for hydrogen isotope separation for Nuclear Fusion applications. A safe and efficient method of isotope separation is crucial for the success of the DEMOnstration Powerplant (DEMO) and future fusion power plants in order to ensure that tritium inventory can be minimised.

 On this project, you will develop and characterise materials for PSA including MOFs and zeolites and you will obtain sorption and desorption isotherms for protium (H2) and deuterium in these materials. This work is an important step in determining if PSA could be a viable technique for use in DEMO and beyond., +44 1225 386584, +44 1225 386286


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