A KTP is a mutually beneficial, three-way collaboration between:
  • A graduate or postgraduate (known as an Associate)
  • A company (a UK-based business of any size, in any sector or a not-for-profit organisation)
  • A university/research institution (Knowledge Base)

KTPs are designed to deliver an innovation project and bring about lasting, transformative change. The project is led by a suitably qualified graduate (known as the Associate) with the capability to lead a strategic project with full support and input from the academic and business teams. This partnership embeds vital new expertise, stimulates business growth and powers innovation excellence.

A KTP could be the perfect launchpad, helping enhance your career prospects by providing you with an opportunity to manage a challenging project central to a business’s strategic development and long term growth.

You’ll ‘own’ your own project, linked to both a university and a business whose experienced teams will provide you with full support. Acting as both a conduit for knowledge and a project lead, this is a real opportunity to deliver impact and shape your future career development.