Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery

Our core business is exploration and production, refining, logistics and sales; our assets and investments complement and enhance these activities. At the last count, we have 1450 employees in 8 offices across the world.

We are driven by the needs of our customers around the world and the desire to fuel their journeys. To this end, we utilise our global capabilities across our integrated upstream, midstream and downstream energy businesses – from exploration to refining, retail to storage, aviation to wholesale, marine to bunkering and beyond.

The Prax Group makes discoveries in naturally fractured basement reservoirs, feeding this product further down the value chain. We also refine and blend physical oil to regional, market and customer specification in strategically located terminals and warehouses around the world. We operate efficient, safe, and high-quality logistics, moving oil by barge, truck, rail, pipeline and vessel in support of our core activities and for third parties.

To make things simple for our customers, we segment our businesses into three distinct, but integrated, divisions:

  • Upstream
  • Midstream
  • Downstream

The Prax Group’s downstream marketing and distribution businesses carry the Harvest Energy brand. Our midstream and upstream businesses, including refining, blending, exploration and production, carry the Prax brand. The Group is collectively identified as the Prax Group.