Civil Aviation Authority

The Civil Aviation Authority is the UK's aviation and aerospace regulator, responsible for keeping passengers and the general public safe. Recognised as a world leader in our field, we are at the cutting edge of the exciting and ever-changing environments. Never standing still, our work includes diverse activities such as;

  • Driving world-class safety standards
  • Managing security risks, safeguarding passengers and the general public
  • Minimising the environmental impact of aviation on local communities
  • Running the ATOL holiday financial protection scheme

Thanks to the efforts of our organisation and our people, consumers have choice, value for money and protection when they fly. As part of our team, you could help us deliver this vision and be a part of something great. In return, you can expect to feel welcome, to have your voice heard, to be supported, developed and rewarded for your contribution.

Our Values

Do The Right Thing - We always do the right thing, not the easy thing, to achieve our Vision and Mission

We take our responsibilities seriously and are accountable​ both internally to our colleagues and externally with our stakeholders. We hold ourselves to the highest standards. 

Never Stop Learning - We’re always open to challenging our thinking

We’re open-minded, always eager to learn more, and never afraid to challenge the status quo. We know that tomorrow will always bring new challenges, and we’re ready to explore new ideas and solutions. We ask ‘why’ ‘what if’ and ‘could we?’

Build Collaborative Relationships - We have common goals and we use our diverse experiences, skills and knowledge to achieve them

We’re team players and support each other to achieve the best results. We listen to each other and our stakeholders before we make independent regulatory decisions.

Respect Everyone - We know, and show, that everyone deserves respect

We’re honest and ethical in everything we do. We’re unwavering in our efforts to contribute to a culture of inclusion. We treat everyone with respect, both in and outside our organisation, and expect to receive it in return.