University of Cambridge

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (CEB) at Cambridge has an international reputation for advancing molecular science and technology at the boundaries where chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology meet. It is setting the pace for scientists, engineers, industrialists and entrepreneurs to solve a range of complex global challenges across energy, the environment, and healthcare.

The Department has forged a number of significant industry partnerships and has pioneered the commercialisation of its cutting-edge research, recognising the vital relationship between knowledge transfer and economic growth.

The quality, depth and breadth of the Department’s teaching have received international acclaim. Its training produces graduates of exceptional calibre with the vision and flexibility to apply their skills across a variety of fields and sectors, from commerce and high finance to industry and medicine.

The Department operates on the West Cambridge site and houses 30 academic, ~50 academic-related and assistant support staff, ~75 post-doctoral workers and ~150 research students. There are also ~50 MPhil students and ~150 undergraduates. The Department’s annual research income is ca. £7.5M.